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Patient & Attendant Responsibilities

Provide full information about your illness or problem to allow proper evaluation and treatment.

  1. Ask sufficient questions to ensure appropriate comprehension of your illness or problem as well as the recommendation for continuing care. If you find the care or course of treatment unacceptable for any reason, please discuss it with a member of the staff, the director, administrator, or place comments and suggestions in the suggestion box.
  2. Show courtesy and respect to health care personnel and other patients.
  3. Keep your appointments. Please cancel or reschedule as far in advance as possible, so that the time may be given to someone else.
  4. To not give medication prescribed for you to others.
  5. To communicate with your health care provider if your condition worsens or does not follow the expected course. We will contact you if there is any unexpected result from tests.
  6. To pay for services billed to your account in a timely manner.
  7. Leave valuables at home and bring only those items necessary during your hospital stay.

Abide by all hospital rules and regulations.

  1. Comply with the NO SMOKING policy.
  2. Comply with the visitor policies to ensure the rights and comfort of all patients.
  3. Be considerate of noise levels, privacy, and safety. Weapons are prohibited on premises
  4. Treat hospital staff, other patients, and visitors with courtesy and respect.
  5. We keep a record of the health care services provided to you:
  6. You may ask us to see and copy that record.

Parents/ Relatives

Should parents request information from HOSPITAL they will be told to contact you for the desired information. Only in life-threatening emergencies may information concerning the nature of complaints and/or diagnosis be given directly to parents / others.

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