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  1. The right to humane care and treatment. You will be treated with respect, consideration and dignity. You can expect that your personal convictions and beliefs of the provider will not adversely affect your right to rational and appropriate care.
  2. The right to accurate information, to the extent known, concerning diagnosis, treatment, pain relief and alternative treatments and prognosis of an illness or health-related condition.
  3. The right to be treated only with your consent. No care will be provided to you without your consent as per hospital policies.
  4. The right to be informed of any research aspect of your care and to refuse to participate. Such refusal will not jeopardize your access to medical care and treatment.
  5. The right to a second opinion regarding diagnosis or treatment. This includes seeking consultation with other providers.
  6. The right to know who is counseling, caring for, or treating you. The practitioner’s name and professional qualifications should be visible or stated on introduction.
  7. The right to information regarding the scope and availability of services, including information on after hours and emergency room care.
  8. The right to information regarding fees for service and payment plans. Particularly notification as to what services may involve additional charges. If outside resources are needed, there will usually be a charge.
  9. The right to confidentiality of your records . You have a right to not have your problem discussed in anyplace where it might be overheard by others.
  10. That you have the right to leave the hospital against the advice of your doctor. If you choose to do so, the hospital and doctors will not be responsible for any medical consequences which may occur.
  11. As a patient, you have the right to notify us in case you are dissatisfied with any services. For redressal of complaints, please contact

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