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Instructions to patients with Confirmed or Suspect Dengue

Instructions to patients with Confirmed or Suspect Dengue

Dengue fever is an acute viral illness transmitted through mosquito bite, presenting frequently with fever, headache, pain in limbs & eyes and rashes. Dengue is a self limiting disease and does not have any specific medication. Fever usually subsides in 3-7 days. Most patients have mild disease and can be managed in OPD  with close...

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Prevention of Dengue Fever

Prevention of Dengue Fever is easy, cheap and better. What is required are some simple measures for – Preventing breeding of Aedes mosquitoes Protection from Aedes mosquitoes’ bites. For protection against mosquitoes Mosquitoes breed only in water sources such as stagnant water in drains and ditches, room air coolers, broken bottles, old discarded tyres, containers...

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