10 Benefits of Tummy Time in Infants

10 Benefits of Tummy Time in Infants

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Dr. Vivek Walia

MBBD, MD(Pediatrics)


Tummy Time, a term familiar to many parents and pediatric healthcare providers, plays an instrumental role in the early developmental phase of an infant. It refers to the practice of placing babies on their stomach while they are awake and under supervision. This simple yet effective activity paves the way for various physical and cognitive milestones that a baby will achieve in the coming months. This blog elucidates ten imperative benefits of Tummy Time, shedding light on why it’s an essential routine in a baby’s early life.

Benefit 1: Muscle Strengthening

The primary advantage of Tummy Time is the strengthening of various muscles, particularly in the neck, shoulders, and arms. As your baby lifts their head and pushes up against the floor, they engage and strengthen the muscles necessary for holding up their head, rolling over, and eventually sitting up.

Benefit 2: Motor Skills Development

Motor skills, both fine and gross, are significantly enhanced through Tummy Time. As babies reach out for toys, move around, and explore their surroundings during this activity, they develop crucial motor skills. These skills are foundational for reaching milestones like rolling over, crawling, and even walking.

Benefit 3: Cognitive Growth

Tummy Time also nurtures cognitive development. As infants interact with their environment from a new perspective, they cultivate spatial awareness and problem-solving skills. This new orientation challenges them to think, react, and understand their surroundings differently, fostering cognitive growth.

Benefit 4: Preventing Flat Head Syndrome

Lying on their back for extended periods can lead to flat spots on a baby’s head, a condition known as Plagiocephaly. Tummy Time mitigates this risk by redistributing the pressure on the skull, promoting a more rounded head shape.

Benefit 5: Vision Improvement

During Tummy Time, babies are exposed to different visual stimuli which aid in the development of their vision. The varying orientations and movements encourage eye tracking, focus, and depth perception, all of which are crucial for their visual development.

 Benefit 6: Coordination

 Tummy Time is an excellent avenue for babies to work on their coordination. As they lift their head, reach for toys, and move around, they learn to coordinate their movements, laying a foundation for more complex tasks in the future.

Benefit 7: Gas Relief

Gas and constipation are common issues in infants. Tummy Time helps alleviate these discomforts by applying gentle pressure on the baby’s abdomen, thereby aiding in digestion and gas relief. This activity also promotes movement, further assisting in the digestive process.

Benefit 8: Exploration and Interaction

Tummy Time is a doorway to exploration and interaction with the environment. With a new vantage point, babies become more curious and engaged, enriching their sensory experiences and interactions with their surroundings and caregivers.

Benefit 9: Breathing control

Time helps develop the muscle necessary for respiratory control, which allow your baby to coordinate their breathing for effective speaking and safe swallowing

Benefit 10: Preparation for Future Milestones

 The myriad benefits of Tummy Time culminate in preparing infants for future physical milestones. The strength, coordination, and motor skills developed during these sessions are stepping stones towards sitting up, walking, and exploring the world on their own terms.


Tummy Time is more than just a playful activity; it’s a cornerstone in the foundational growth and development of an infant. The benefits accrued from this simple practice are manifold, encompassing physical, cognitive, and sensory growth. Parents are encouraged to incorporate Tummy Time into their infant’s daily routine under vigilant supervision, to foster a healthy and holistic development.

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