Crying & Colic Soothing Your Baby

Babies are the most adorable creatures on this planet. That being said, these cherubs sometimes give you a tough time with their crying. Especially for the first time parents it becomes difficult to understand when and why babies cry. There is no other way to communicate for them. So when they have to indicate something they just cry; sometimes a little and sometimes it is unstoppable. Here is guide to help you out with your crying babies and how to calm them down.

  • Babies cry when they are hungry: It will take some time to know your baby’s hunger periods. You can look for signs such as lip smacking, putting hands in mouth or fussing. This way you can feed your baby in time to avoid crying.
  • Unstoppable crying: This often arises in case of upset stomach. Look for your baby’s behavior right after you have fed him/her. If the baby is getting irritated and is crying then it might be because of gas or colic. In such cases put the baby on his/her back and then hold the feet of baby to make cyclic motion. This will eventually help in passing out the gas and your baby will be fine.
  • Burp can help: Well a burp after meal is not compulsory. Having said that, a burp can assure of proper digestion. You can just let your baby have burp after being breastfed. This can be a good practice for your baby.
  • No dirty diapers: A dirty diaper can apparently cause irritation to the baby which can lead to crying. Keeping a check on your baby’s diaper can help you prevent the baby from crying.
  • Sleep can be a good solution: Sleep derived humans can develop irritable behavior. This is true in case of babies too. Babies can sleep all the time at any place. If you don’t give them the adequate sleep, they make sure that you don’t get yours.
  • Cuddle babies: Babies feel safe and happy when they are held. So cuddling your baby from time to time can help keep them happy.
These tips and tricks can help soothing crying babies. Have a happy parenthood.  

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