Ectopia Cordis: What is it?

Ectopia Cordis: What is it?

Not many would have heard of this term before, but this is a rare condition in which the baby is born with their heart outside their chest. Some babies have complete ectopia cordis while the others have partial cordis. You can see the beating heart through the skin of the child, and it is quite an alarming condition. In 90% cases, babies with this condition are either stillborn (die inside the womb) or expire after a few days.

With the help of your gynecologist in Chandigarh, you can detect this through your ultrasound in the first trimester itself. This gives you the time to start taking good care of yourself and try to rectify this condition. The cause of the disease is unknown, but due to carelessness during pregnancy, you may increase the problem.

Other abnormalities associated with ectopia: –

When your baby has ectopia, and they survive, they can have constant problems after that. There is an issue of low blood pressure, difficulty in breathing, poor circulation, and defects in organs. Besides this, ectopia is associated with many other issues that can harm your child such as,

  • Defects in the heart and respiratory system
  • Cleft lip (defect in the mouth or lips)
  • Encephalocele (defects in the brain)
  • Defects in Limbs
  • Defects in the digestive system
  • Hydrocephalus (fluid collection in the brain)
  • Craniorachisis (defect in which the brain and the spine are open)

This is a life-threatening condition, and you need to get the best gynecologist in Chandigarh to help you out. The baby needs intensive care and monitoring constantly. There are surgeries that can support with this problem, but sadly nothing is guaranteed during this problem. If the condition is not too severe and it is a partial problem, you can save your baby with surgery and excellent care.
Try avoiding all things that can lead you to such conditions during pregnancy.

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