How to find a Paediatrician? What are the advantages of pediatric urgent and emergency care?

Advantages of Paediatric Urgent and Emergency Care

Infants need special care and attention, and when there’s an emergency, you should be looking for an experienced pediatrician and not any other urgent-care clinic. Many pediatricians and doctors from Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital in Chandigarh recently discussed why parents should be careful with infants and babies. One of the expert pediatricians added that infant care isn’t just about medicine, but more about adequate facilities and attention.

Finding a good pediatrician requires understanding of two aspects – qualifications and facilities. You don’t want to take your 6-month old baby to a doctor who cannot offer emergency care or ventilator immediately when the child needs it the most. are not ignored. To know more, please refer to the website of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital right away.

Experience at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital

No matter whether you need ventilator in Chandigarh or want to get advice on vaccinations, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital offers exactly what you require. Specializing in pediatric urgent and emergency care, the hospital also has a special center for material care, ensuring that the mother and child have all the medical attention that’s required in crucial times. To add to that, they offer ambulance services for up to 250 kms, so when your child needs immediate surgery and medicine, there’s no delay in seeking help. There’s also a special NICU unit, and all the doctors and pediatricians have years of experience in their respective fields. With urgent pediatric care, most complications and fatalities can be avoided, and that’s something parents want for unwell babies and infants.

At Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital, you can get doctors on call 24-hour of the day, and the hospital also has additional medical facilities and treatments under one roof for immediate assistance. The pediatricians here help parents in understanding infants and the care that they need, so that early signs of health conditions and diseases are not ignored. To know more, please refer to the website of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital right away.


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