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“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born on the same day, at the same point of time. She never existed before.” 

Though, the woman existed, but the mother never did. A mother is something absolutely new.

My son was born on 26th January 2017, and as I look back, I can recall each and every moment as it happened just the previous day. I still remember the day I took the pregnancy test with my husband standing next to me, and the moment we saw the 2 pink lines on the kit, all I could do was shed tears of joy.

It was like a flashback of all the babies I had seen in my lifetime on TV, in family gatherings and now here I was; going to have my own little one and my husband was hysterically laughing which left me amused. Only he could speak was REALLY!!

And finally, our pregnancy journey began

I was a working woman, basically a trainer in a contact center, and my job profile demanded me to be on my toes for all day long for around 8 hours which was immediately negated by my gynecologist, who asked me to take it easy and enjoy this amazing journey of pregnancy.

It was due on 20 February 2017, but on 26 January 2017, around 1:30 am, I felt restless, I could not sleep and felt really heavy. I called up my husband and talked to him, (he was in his office), he asked me to stay put and call if anything urgent. I had been reading “what to expect when expecting” and somehow, in my gut, I felt that this was ‘it’. My bundle of joy was coming!

The doctor checked and announced that I was in the labor and we were all taken aback as we were very much ahead of the due date. My pains grew, and all I could do was pray. As the day rolled, at about 4pm, the doctor came and explained that “there are some complications and the heartbeat of the child is fluctuating and we have to go for an emergency C-section”. As much as we didn’t want it, but we had no option left.

At 4:30 pm, the doctor exclaimed that the baby had arrived; I had tears of joy rolling down my cheeks and was so excited and really wanted to see my baby. The nurse  smiled and showed me, My Boy!

The little baby was mine! He was taken quickly away to be clothed and after a while I was rolled into my house. I had my mother-in-law and my husband waiting for me. She prayed for baby’s well being, after that we clicked some happy pictures and by 9pm we had guests arriving in the house.

Some tips for a great healthy pregnancy 

  • Be in touch with your gynaecologist always, if your gut tells you there’s something wrong, call him/her immediately and seek advice.
  • Eat healthy for ahealthy pregnancy and increasing breast milk.
  • Have milk twice a day.
  • Eat coconut, ragi and dates (please consult with your gynaecologist once), they are really healthy during pregnancy for you and the baby.
  • Keep yourself informed, read books and online chaitnya’s facebook blogs & articles as this is going to help you as you walk through this beautiful journey.
  • Stay active – go for 20-25 minutes of walk daily.
  • Take proper care of yourself and pamper yourself before you go in for your delivery.
  • Last but not the least – Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and not a disease to be frightened of.
  • Stay away from themyths associated with pregnancy & child birth.

Stay positive, stay healthy .

About Author

The article has been written by Princy Khurana (Harmeet) who is a mom of Baby Agamveer and loves to share her parenting story with the world. 

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