Infections that can Affect Pregnancy!

Infections that can Affect Pregnancy!

It is not fun to be sick at all, and when it comes to pregnancy, you should be careful about falling ill. Few small errors or carelessness during this time can affect your baby’s health more than your own. You are already immune to several contagious diseases, but virus and bacteria can enter your body sometimes. Visit a pregnancy specialist doctor to rule out these infections: –

  • Chickenpox: – Most of us are already immune to this disease, but if you have never had chickenpox before, and you come in contact with someone who has it, immediately speak to one of the best gynaecologists in Chandigarh. They will run blood tests to find out if you are vaccinated or not. Chickenpox can affect your child too. It can also be a symptom of CMV in pregnancy, which is one of the viruses. CMV can affect the baby causing it hearing problems, blindness, learning disability and more.
  • Hepatitis B: – Hepatitis B can infect your liver and many a times you will see no signs of illness, but it goes directly in your blood. Make sure you get vaccination before it is too late. If you have no immunity against the disease, it will carry on to your baby, and they will have long-term hepatitis B infections. Make sure you go to a maternity hospital in Chandigarh and get all your vaccinations done.
  • Parvovirus B19: – This is a common problem that causes red rashes on the face of your child. It is also called the slapped cheek syndrome, and not many know about this which is why precautions are not taken. It can mess up the immunity system of your child and cause the baby parvovirus too. Speak to a gynaecologist in Chandigarh to get a thorough check-up.

Other than this, make sure you get immunity against Zika virus, STI, Herpes, Rubella, etc. Keep yourself and your baby away from these harmful infections by taking precautions.

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