International Childhood Cancer Day

International Childhood Cancer Day

Childhood Cancer is a leading cause of mortality in children. Every year 60000 to 70000 new cases of childhood cancer are registered between 0 to 19 years in India. ICMR data states prevalence of childhood cancer up to 4.4 %.
Childhood common cancers are:
Acute leukemia, commonly called as blood cancer is the most common childhood malignancy.
Other common childhood cancers are lymphomas, brain tumors and other solid tumors like Wilms tumor, bone tumors and neuroblastoma

Signs and symptoms to suggest childhood cancer
1. Recurrent or persistent fever
3. Excessive bruising or bleeding
4. unexplained continuous weight loss
5. persistent body aches and joint pains
6. Continuous tiredness and paleness
7. lumps or swellings in face, neck, abdomen etc which are persisting
8. Early morning headache with vomiting
9. White color behind the eye pupil
10. Frequent or constant infections
Childhood cancers unlike adult cancers are highly curable and high success rates have been seen if proper treatment is provided.
Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital is now offering state of the art services for the treatment of childhood cancer.
Apart from Chandigarh , patients from neighbouring states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab etc. are also benefitted.
Children who earlier had to move to different hospitals are now being provided with adequate management.

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