Miracle Baby defies the odds to survive

Special care from the Motherhood Chaitanya’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit saves B/O Ravita  born at 31 weeks. 

When Ravita  and her husband Manjeet Singh brought their tiny son home for the first time this summer, the couple were in no doubt about one thing. ‘The staff at the Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital saved our son’s life – it was their attention to detail and caring attitude that means my baby  is here with us today,’ said Manjeet Singh, a jewellery designer in Karnal.

 ‘We had the best specialists on call to speak to any time, modern technology and the nurses were just amazingly kind and caring. They were our friends, our family, we cried with them, we laughed with them and they made a horrendous experience vaguely bearable.’ 

My son was born premature at just 31 weeks in July this year after Ravita started bleeding and having contractions. After birth of My son, he was put on a ventilator after he started having breathing problems. Worse was to follow when he developed sepsis and lost all the weight he had gained since birth. Doctors suspected he was developing a disease that affects premature babies called necrotising enterocolitis, where parts of the bowel start to die. Only one in five who have a confirmed diagnosis survive. 

Luckily, his infection was caught early and treated with antibiotics and intra-venous nutrition, avoiding surgery. However, he still ended up spending 15 days in the Motherhood Chaitanya’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). He was cared for by a team of top medical specialists including neonatologists and paediatricians. 

‘I always felt we were in the best place and he would be safe at the Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital,’ said Ravita. ‘The team has a daily ward round and conference at which we’ll decide if a baby needs input from a sub-specialist such as a cardiologists or a dietitian. If a baby is very sick, this happens twice a day. Babies can become very ill extremely fast and also recover very quickly, so we are always on the lookout for signs of infection.’ 

For Ravita, the level of care was something she’ll never forget. ‘He is really thriving now – he’s feeding well and is such a chilled baby, taking everything in his stride. He is seeing a developmental therapist to check he is meeting his developmental milestones, but all the signs are that he’s healthy. We are thankful every day to have him home. He is a true miracle.’

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