Is It Okay To Take Prescription Drugs During Pregnancy?

Is It Okay To Take Prescription Drugs During Pregnancy?

In general, we take quite a few medicines these days unlike our grandparents or parents, who used home remedies for diseases. We are depended on prescription drugs for every health problem, and pregnant women too are taking quite a lot of medicines nowadays. You should always turn to a gynecologist in Chandigarh to get a list of prescription drugs that are unhealthy and unsafe during this time.

Drugs affect fetus: –

  • The drugs you might be taking can have countless effects on the fetus. It can harm different pregnant women in various ways. The embryo is at risk as the medication can cross the placenta and it can also enter the baby’s bloodstream.
  • During your first trimester, you are extremely sensitive as the baby is growing gradually. You have to be careful as there are organs developing of your little one during this time. When you opt for such medicines without consulting a doctor, you are restricting the growth of your fetus. This will affect the brain of the child and make it a problematic childbirth process too.
  • For diseases like common cold, fever or a headache, you can opt for safe home remedies like drinking fluids, getting rest, using salt water, and drinking ginger water and so on. You do need medicines when you have health problems but keep it m

What to do?

The most helpful advice we can give you is to turn to the best gynecologist in Chandigarh and get their views on medicines. You don’t need to take unnecessary medications as they are going to take a toll on your health and the baby. You should be careful about what you eat or any external drugs that are going in your body during this time.

Besides this, make sure you have a healthy diet, and you are drinking enough water. You just need to have a few fruits, leafy vegetables, and foods that do not disturb your body. Do not take junk food or have unhealthy meals through the day, and with a strong immune system, you are less likely to fall ill during pregnancy.

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