Pregnancy Complications to watch out for

Pregnancy is a life changing phase for a woman. It changes every bit of your life because you carry a whole new life inside you. All of a sudden everything in your life starts revolving around the baby growing in your womb. Majority of the pregnancies go without any specific complications. Having said that does not mean that yours cannot have any complication. You should be aware of all that can happen and the related do’s and don’ts for those circumstances.

In your pregnancy period, you can look for the following complications and consult the right person:

Miscarriage: In the starting 3-5 months when you lose the foetus, it is termed as miscarriage. It can be spotted when you have vaginal bleeding. An immediate action should be taken when you encounter such problem. Call your doctor right away without wasting a single second.

Premature delivery: When a woman delivers baby before completion of 37 weeks, then it is called premature delivery. There are several health problems that arise for both mother and child in such cases. To have everything in place, one must have an expert gynecologist to guide.

Oligohydramnios: This pregnancy complication arises when there is less amniotic fluid around your growing baby. In such cases, baby does not grow normally. You must have somebody track your pregnancy carefully in order to know if the baby is growing in rightly manner or not.

Ectopic Pregnancy: This is a rare case but very serious one. In ectopic pregnancy the fertilized egg attaches itself somewhere outside the uterus. Most of these pregnancies are called off because it can lead to fatal health problems to mother.

Preeclampsia: 5% of total pregnant ladies are diagnosed with this. Preeclampsia arises when the pregnant woman has high blood pressure and high amount of urinal protein. This occurs after 4-5 months. While in some cases it can be normal after certain time, in other cases it can lead to premature delivery. There can be fatal health consequences if it gets severe.

There can be other complications such as gestational diabetes, placenta previa etc. However, with an experienced and well qualified doctor by your side you can be assured of a healthy pregnancy time.

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