WATCH: Learn These 3 First Aid Techniques for Your Baby

Screengrabbed from British Red Cross/Youtube

Would you know how to save a choking baby? 

Your answer to the question above could be a matter of life and death. Situations that require emergency first aid could come at any moment and being prepared is key. If you’re a parent to a baby, it’s crucial you watch the instructional first aid videos below. Commit them to heart and memory.

How to help a choking baby

  1. Lay your baby face down on your thigh, and then give up to 5 back blows.
  2. If that doesn’t work turn them over and give your baby up to 5 chest thrusts by using two fingers to pump your baby’s chest. Check your baby’s mouth to see if the object has been dislodged.
  3. If not, repeat from step 1. If you’ve repeated these steps for three times and your baby is still choking, call an ambulance. Dial 117 for the Philippine emergency hotline.

What to do when a baby is unresponsive but breathing

  1. Check for breathing. Tilt their head back and look and feel for breaths. If they are breathing, move on to step two. If not, perform CPR.
  2. Hold your baby on their side with their head slightly tilted back, supported and lower than their bottom.
  3. Call an ambulance. Dial 117 for the Philippine emergency hotline.
  4. Be ready to perform CPR if your baby stops breathing.

How to perform CPR on a baby

  1. The first thing you should do is call an ambulance. Dial 117 for the Philippine emergency hotline.
  2. Then, lay your baby down on a flat surface and tilt his head up. This will open your baby’s airway.
  3. Give 5 puffs of air over your baby’s mouth and nose. With two fingers, pump your baby’s chest 30 times.
  4. Follow with 2 puffs of air into the mouth and nose, then 30 pumps again on the chest.
  5. Keep repeating step 5 until the ambulance comes.
Sources: Red Cross, St. John Ambulance,

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