What You Should Know About NICU

What You Should Know About NICU

The neonatal intensive care unit, also called the NICU, is an essential unit for infants. Premature babies and other infants born with sicknesses can often be kept in NICU for extensive care. When a child has anemia, breathing problems, apnea, feeding issues, hypoglycemia, sepsis and other health problems that need monitoring, you will be asked to have your infant in this facility for a few days.

Why keep babies in NICU?

If you have had troubles during delivery, chances are your infant will have to spend a few nights in the NICU care Chandigarh. This is an alarming issue for parents, but doctors and expert nurses are always on rounds to keep an eye on the children. Your baby will be fed accordingly, taken care of and all the right care will be provided by the nurses.

What to do after the discharge?

When you are taking your baby home, you have to be careful. Make sure you talk to the doctor about the condition of your little one and discuss the care tips too. Most of the premature babies are kept in NICU as they need to be treated delicately. When you take your child home, you need to follow the guidelines by a doctor and keep coming in for regular check-ups. Do not miss out on any appointments post the discharge as the first few ones are essential.

What does the NICU contain?

The NICU in Chandigarh consists of IV tubes, respiratory systems, monitors, feeding tubes, etc. It is equipped with all the necessities, and you do not have to worry if your child will be hungry or alright. You can leave it to the doctors to take all the care. There will be physicians, dieticians, nurses, neonatologists, pharmacists, resident physicians and several other experts with the baby at all times.
It can be overwhelming to see your infant go through all this, but NICU is going to help them in the future. Premature babies are extremely delicate, and one bad step can make them suffer all their lives. It is best to keep your baby in the NICU for as long as the doctor suggests.

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