Thank you for Saving my Baby’s Life

I am writing to thank you and the caring staff at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital for saving my baby’s life and caring for my wife. She was admitted to Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital on June 15 at almost 29 weeks gestation. She was going into labor. My wife stayed in the hospital for 5 days before our son was born on June 15, 2017. He was just 1.120 grams in weight. When my wife first visited our son in the NICU she was in tears and afraid he would die. She was scared to hold our little baby.

Our son stayed in the  NICU for seven weeks. For the first few days a nurse was at his side constantly. I was so impressed with their dedication to our son.

During the entire stay the nurses and specialist doctors , helped to my wife deal with her fears and taught her how to hold our son and check vitals, etc. My wife was in the NICU every day with our baby. She learned to feed her, hold her (kangaroo care), change diapers, check vitals, etc.

The care at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital  including the childbirth center, delivery, and the NICU was well beyond what we expected. Understandably this was one of the most stressful moments in our life. And it was clear to us that these there critical moments in our son’s life. One mistake and he could face adverse consequences for his entire life. But Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital came through for us. Neonatal specialist Dr. Anil Narang and NICU nurses provided outstanding care and support for my wife and myself.

Chaitanya is an impressive world class health facility. Everything was organized from the moment you checked in to the day you were released. The incredible stress of dealing with life threatening circumstances were much better managed with the knowledge that we were in excellent care. When my wife had to go home to sleep each day, we left with the certainty that Motherhood Chaitanya’s NICU nurses would take the very best care of our little son.

We are big fans of Chaitanya, especially the NICU. If there is anything we can do, please don’t hesitate to contact us. With great love and appreciation (really, big thanks from Dad!!!!!).

Mr. Sachin Jindal

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