Abnormalities of the Uterus and Fertility

Abnormalities of the Uterus and Fertility

A lot of adult women nowadays suffer from difficulties in conceiving, and there are plenty of reasons behind that. One of the main reasons behind is having an abnormal uterus which is also called uterine abnormality.

What is uterine abnormality?

A large number of women around the world suffer from uterine abnormality, which means the structure of their uterus deviates from what’s normal. However, most women,who have uterine abnormality, don’t even realize this until they visit a gynecologist. Although, the abnormality can cause certain issues during pregnancy, one shouldn’t be terrorized when they learn that they suffer from this condition.

When you approach the right pregnancy specialist doctor, he/she will make you understand the concept pretty well and monitor your case closely. There is nothing to be afraid of, if you take good care of everything.

Can you get pregnant if you have an abnormal uterus?

The concept of abnormal uterus may be complicated and when it comes to pregnancy, it differs from woman to woman. In some cases, conceiving a baby becomes difficult. Nevertheless, this is one of the rarest scenarios that might happen.

On most occasions when a woman with abnormal uterus conceives a baby, she fails to carry it for the entire span of nine months. Situations may get complicated. And that is probably the most important reason why you should approach the best maternity hospital during pregnancy.

What are the types of abnormality?

There is a host of abnormalities that may be spotted in the uterus-starting from the most common to the rarest. Some of them have been named here-

  • Anteverted or Retroverted uterus  
  • Arcuate uterus
  • Septate uterus
  • Bircronuate uterus
  • Uterus didelphys

Is there anything you can do to help yourself?

Well, the best thing you can do is stay calm and relax. It isn’t a big deal and the abnormality will not affect your fertility. Make an appointment with the best gynecologist in Chandigarh for regular consultation and check-ups. The gynecologist will help you out with every step of your pregnancy in order to make sure you face no difficulties while delivering the baby.

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