How To Bring in Protein in Your Baby’s Diet?

How To Bring in Protein in Your Baby’s Diet?

The first time you baby has solid food; it is a big moment for the entire family. Many babies love having mashed potatoes or peas with other vegetables. But a good diet charted by a child specialist in Chandigarh should have a good amount of protein. How do you bring in protein in their diet? Here are a few ways to do so.

1. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can cook chicken and mix a few diced pieces in with some potatoes. Make sure you cook it well so that it is soft and tender. Do not opt for too much chicken as that could cause gas problems in the baby.
2. Salmon is another good way to add protein for those who love eating fish. You can take small pieces of the dish and feed it directly to the child. If they enjoy it, then you can add salmon twice a week in their meals.
3. People who are vegetarian can opt for several options. One good way to include protein in the diet is by giving them cheese. Most children are known to enjoy cheese!
4. Other than this, you can give them plain yogurt, lentils, and beans too. If you opt for soy, then consult the best child specialist in Chandigarh regarding any allergies that could be caused by soy products.

Why is protein good for babies?

Many times when a baby has been in the NICU, It means that they are premature and unhealthy that most of the other normal babies. If you have had a child who stayed in the neonatal care, you need to ensure they are getting a good share of protein. This will promote their growth and provide energy too as babies require that. The growth of your child will be fantastic once they are consuming a good amount of protein. But do not miss out on giving them other nutrients as well.

Protein helps in muscle build-up, maintain the health of bones, hair, skin and other organs too. Since the child is growing rapidly, a proper amount of protein will be beneficial in countless ways.

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