Twins! Sometimes miracles come in pairs

Twins! Sometimes miracles come in pairs

Have you ever heard of Murphy’s law that says if anything can go wrong, will go wrong? That’s exactly what happened during my labor – everything went wrong! Don’t worry, this twin birth story has a happy ending , even if the way to happiness was much more twisted than everyone expected said Ms. Disha- Mother of twins.

My “high-risk” pregnancy passed very healthily, without any issue, and I successfully avoided all the potential complications. The last ultrasound showed that both babies were head down and weighed more than a “normal” baby at this term. I wasn’t worried at all. Everything seemed to be completely fine, and the Dr. Charu scheduled me to be induced on January 27th, at 36+1 weeks of pregnancy.

We arrived at the Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital on Saturday morning at 7.30 am ready to meet our little birdies when troubles started. We moved to the labor room to start to prepare for a labor. It was around midday when they finally started to monitor the babies and the contractions. It was very hard to record twins’ heartbeats because one of them was moving so intensively that it was impossible to hold the sensors on my belly. So the process that usually takes 20 minutes lasted for hours.

After three hours of monitoring, they finally gave me a pill to cause the uterus to contract. It was around 11 am when I started to feel strong and regular contractions. Unfortunately, not strong enough for my cervix to get dilated even for a centimeter. Dr. Charu told me that there’s a possibility of a c-section as I progressed too slow and it was dangerous for the babies. I spent all the morning connected to a monitor without being able to move.

Suddenly, the room was filled with doctors.  Everything happened so unexpectedly quickly! All I saw was bright lights and masks. I understood that they’re going to do a c-section. They placed me on another bed and took me to the operating room. I looked back and I saw my husband crying. It was heartbreaking.  But nothing was finished yet. A million thoughts were running through my mind. Then I heard them saying: “Emergency! Emergency!” I was so afraid! I heard nothing but ’emergency’.Everything happened so fast and aggressive. I arrived at the operating room all in panic. I couldn’t stop crying as I still didn’t understand why I was there. I thought that something was wrong with my baby. And then I felt a scalpel cutting my belly. I screamed!

Actually, I supposed to feel some sensations, but then I didn’t know that. So I continued to scream till they put a mask on my face, and I fell asleep, still without realizing what was going on.

I woke up, two hours after the operation. My husband came to see me a few minutes later. He brought me our precious angels, put them on my chest, and I immediately forgot about everything that happened before. It was the most precious moment in my life.

Later they explained to me what happened.  The second baby flipped to breech after the first one was delivered, and it was impossible to get her out. However, both babies were born healthy. There was a need to place them in a NICU (a neonatal intensive care unit) for observation, and we left the hospital four days after delivery.

With miracles come in pairs, there’s really no way to predict ahead of time how your delivery will go. I was not prepared for a cesarean, especially in such circumstances. It was the terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced, and I still feel traumatized by how it happened, even if everything ended up just fine.

Thanks to Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital, who made my delivery journey very soothe and perfect. Really hats off to Dr. Charu Sud and all Chaitanya team for treat me very special.

Ms. Disha (Mother of Twins)

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