When we came to India – Ms. Navneet

When we came to India – Ms. Navneet

When we came to INDIA from NEW YORK

We are worried about Child Care when we came from New York to India, my son was diagnosed with allergies like dust allergy when he was 18 Month’s old. So when we were planning to came to India to attend the wedding of my Cousin, we brought some medicines with us like cetirizine and we were giving him on regular because he was having cough and itchiness. But after the wedding he started cough very badly so we went to local hospital for like 3-4 days and they didn’t admitted him and we were going regularly.
Even after 3-4 days his condition was getting worst so we decided to take a special opinion. When we asked my cousin for second opinion, the only name came to her mind was Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital. So we moved here. It was the best decision. When we came to Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital my son was very trashy and saturation was only 77%, and his brain was not getting enough oxygen, then the chest x-ray was not good. There was symptom of pneumonia. So Dr. Navdeep and Dr. Seema decided to admit him in ICU. He stayed in ICU for like 4 days and during his stay each staff person helped .It was really a tough time for us.
We are from medical background as well so Dr. Navdeep and Dr. Seema were giving us each information like what treatment they are giving and what they are planning. During the stay in Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital my son recovered remarkably and towards the end he was fully recovered. Dr. Navdeep and Dr. Seema were very good and very cooperative. I felt comfortable in Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital. I would like to thank all the nurses and staff of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital. Now we are moving back to New york happily.

Ms. Navneet

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