Causes of Male Infertility, Treatment and Remedies

Causes of Male Infertility, Treatment and Remedies

While for some people reproduction is quite easy, for others it can be tough to conceive. Women have different fertility problems, and so do men. Their fertility depends on the quality and quantity of sperm. If it is of poor quality or there’s a health problem, there are times, you cannot get your partner pregnant. A common way to check a male’s sperm quality is to undergo a few tests.

What causes it?

The abnormality of sperms in terms of their low numbers or low mobility or short lifespan or ejaculation problem is the main reason. With medical testing through an infertility specialist in Chandigarh, you will get a clear idea of what may be the real problem. Men who have had a vasectomy but now want to have children can have issues of sperm transport. A blockage in the tube, which leads to the lack of the quantity of sperm, is another reason for infertility. Other problems such as genetic causes, undescended testes, radiation damages, infections, low hormones, prostate related issues, damages to the nerves, excessive use of drugs or medications, Anabolic abuse, injury in epididymis and more can also result in male infertility.

How to treat and prevent it?

It is often treated with medicines, and special infertility treatment in Chandigarh can help you in the entire course. Many times, with certain pills, you can increase the speed or the quality of the sperm. Other than this, a change in diet can work wonders for certain patients. There are cases in which doctors may suggest surgery to remove any blockages or other health hazards.

Remedies: –

  • Avoid hot showers or saunas
  • Do not wear tight underwear or pants
  • Boxer shorts are a good choice to keep the restriction off from your private area
  • A healthy diet contributes to better sperm.
    If you are having troubles in conceiving your partner, turn to a specialist for further support. Avoid taking any pills without a prescription.

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