Causes And Prevention of Miscarriage

Causes And Prevention of Miscarriage

When a pregnancy ends by itself within a time span of 20 weeks of gestation, it is called as a miscarriage. Miscarriage is one of the common types of pregnancy loss as stated by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG). In case of a miscarriage, the pregnancy is lost after implantation which causes bleeding at the time when the woman expects her period. In case of a chemical pregnancy, the woman may not even realize that she had conceived.

Most miscarriages occur in the first 13 weeks of being pregnant. Though pregnancy is the time of rejoicing, yet knowing about miscarriages is a must. In this blog, we are going to focus on the key causes of miscarriages and its prevention.


There are varied reasons for having a miscarriage. In most cases, it is difficult to pinpoint the cause. If the miscarriage occurs in the first trimester, chromosomal abnormality is considered to be one of the major causes. This means that the baby’s chromosomes are defective because of a damaged sperm cell or damaged egg.

Some of the other causes of miscarriages are:

  • Maternal age.
  • Lifestyle (like drug use, excessive caffeine, malnutrition, being exposed to toxic substances or radiation, smoking, etc.).
  • Maternal trauma.
  • Hormonal problems, maternal health problems or infection.
  • Egg implantation is not proper.

Some of the factors that are not yet proven to be a cause of miscarriage include working outside the home, moderate exercise, and sex.


Most miscarriages are a result of genetic abnormalities which are very hard to prevent. Though, some of the miscarriages may not result from a genetic abnormality rather from other factors. You will have to work with a healthcare professional to figure out the cause in order to plan for future pregnancy. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid illicit drugs.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat well-balanced meals that are healthy.
  • Stay up to date with your immunizations.
  • Stay away from passive and active smoking.
  • Manage stress.
  • Keep your body weight normal.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages.

If you are expecting a baby, consult the nearest Gynaecologist in Chandigarh for detailed information regarding miscarriages.

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