Causes and Treatment for Hair Loss in Children

Causes and Treatment for Hair Loss in Children

It is not uncommon for children to have hair loss problems. There can be so many possibilities and causes giving rise to this problem. Developing bald spots are also common in children as a result of a faulty sleeping pattern.

If you find the problem escalating, you will have to consult a child’s doctor. He/she will let you know if the problem is because of any side effect caused by any drug or radiation treatment. Some of the commonly known causes are:

• A contagious fungal infection known as tineacapitis can result in patchy bald spots having flaky and red scaling.
• Physical damage caused due to braiding too tightly can cause hair loss such as traction alopecia.
• If the child has a habit of pulling or twirling with his/her hair compulsively, irregular patches might start occurring. This condition is known as trichotillomania.
• In alopecia areata, the immune system of the body might start attacking the hair follicles resulting in a slower hair growth. This can result in isolated bald spots.
• In conditions like hypopituitarism (underactive pituitary gland)and hypothyroidism (thyroid disorder), the child may experience hair loss.
• Fever, stress, or hormonal changes can also lead to hair loss.

Some of the non-medical causes could be:
• Harsh chemicals for treating hair
• Brushing or combing wet hair
• Drying hair with high heat

Treatment for Hair Fall

Proper treatment will be derived after assessing all the factors responsible for causing the hair fall.

In case,the hair fall is caused by ringworm, the doctor will suggest an antifungal medication to control the hair fall. In case of alopecia areata, proper medications will be prescribed in order to enhance the growth of hair. When there is a physical injury, the scalp and hair need to be treated tenderly till hair starts growing back again.

When the problem is due to a psychological problem, psychotherapy is recommended along with appropriate medications. If the problem is because of irregular sleep patterns, solving the sleeping habit will bring the necessary change. Proper hair care and nutrition are extremely important for promoting hair growth. Hence, prefer using organic hair products and avoid the use of chemicals when grooming your child’s hair.

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