Main Causes Behind Gas and Bloating During Pregnancy

Main Causes Behind Gas and Bloating During Pregnancy

However embarrassing gas, flatulence, and burps may be, they are quite a natural phenomenon. But during pregnancy, you might find yourself bloating and passing gas more often than ever before. Before trying to overcome the situation, it is important to understand the mechanism behind these two phenomena.

Why Bloating and Gas During Pregnancy?

As the progesterone level in the body increases during pregnancy, all the muscles including the digestive tract relax. Due to this, the digestion slows down significantly which causes the gas builds up. This ultimately results in bloating, burping, and flatulence. You might experience uncomfortable symptoms after a heavy. If you are having difficulty getting pregnant, contact the best fertility treatment in your city.

Bloating can occur during late pregnancy as well due to hormonal surge and growing uterus. As the uterine cavity acquires more room, it can push the stomach thereby affecting digestion. It can also bring about other symptoms like acidity and heartburn.

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Major Causes

There can be other factors causing bloating and gas. They are mentioned below:

1.Constipation: As the food remains in the digestive tract for a long time after consuming it for letting the foetus absorb water and nutrients, it can cause dry stools which might result in constipation. This can further lead to bloating and gas.
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2.Food Sensitivity: Certain food might cause more gas as compared to others. Some women are lactose intolerant; hence they might find it difficult to digest milk products which could ultimately cause gas.
3.Bacteria Present in The Colon: Some couples have difficulty conceiving a child. Opting for an IVF treatment in Chandigarh can help in resolving the issue. Coming back to the cause of bloating and gas, an imbalance between the bacterial compositions in the colon can result in excess gas production, flatulence, and bloating.

There can be other causes as well like weight gain resulting in gas and bloating. Effective treatment methods can help in resolving the issue. If you are looking for pregnancy specialist doctor in Chandigarh, you can search for the top notch ones online.

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