Consult the Experts of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital for Comprehensive Maternal and Childcare

Consult the Experts of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital for Comprehensive Maternal and Childcare

Pregnancy and motherhood can change many things for women, and they deserve to get the possible care, counselling, treatment and help for their maternal journey and the child. If you are looking for a pregnancy specialist doctor in Chandigarh, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital can be your ultimate destination that offer best ventilator in Chandigarh facilty. Dedicated to childcare and maternal health, the hospital offers everything that the mother and child needs. Their doctors are known for experience and background, and the hospital has the best staff, nursing teams and employees, who are willing to help patients.

Around the clock care: 

When it comes to finding a children doctor in Chandigarh, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital specializes in offer comprehensive assistance. All specialty departments are open for 24 hours for 365 days of the year, even during holiday and festivals, which ensure that you have help and medical care for your family when you need the most. The hospital has won a number of awards in recent years for its excellent services and treatments, which remains the best in the region.

All facilities under one roof: 

The hospital has a NICU department and offers ventilator in Chandigarh for infants and newborns. For mothers, there’s a special segment that focuses on premarital counselling, prenatal, antenatal and postnatal care, besides additional treatment options for infertility. Patients can also consult senior doctors using their NIDAAN cards from their mobile, and there are transport and ambulance services available for 200 km radius. The hospital is fire and safety compliant and expecting mothers can get the best food served fresh from their highly-optimized kitchen. If you are delivering a child, there is no better place than Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital. You can check the website of the Hospital to find more on their treatments and services. The staff members are polite and caring and will love to answer your questions.

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