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Depression during pregnancy is a serious medical condition that poses risks to you and your baby. Learn the symptoms and treatments for depression.

Pregnancy often gives rise to mixed emotions and it becomes difficult to understand your frequent mood swings. In one moment you might feel super excited and just the next moment you would be low like never before. Doctors say that it is completely normal to encounter mixed feelings while expecting a baby. That being said, if you continue to feel low or depressed for a longer duration (more than one week or month) then you should definitely consult your doctor. Hence it is important to know when you are just facing a hormonal imbalance and when you are suffering from depression.

Depression during pregnancy can have multiple effects on the baby. Women tend to sleep more or little which again affects the health of the baby. This can lead to premature birth of the baby which means an unhealthy child. If depression is not treated at the right time then babies born could have various problems. Depressed mothers give birth to less active babies with poor nutrition. Thus, it is important to treat depression at the right time to have a better life for both mother and child.

What’s the treatment for depression during pregnancy?

There are many ways to curb this depression. You can indulge in large groups of expecting mothers and start talking about your problems. Women can also have private psychotherapist sessions to attain mental stability and peace. More than anyone else, mother should take care of herself. Concentrating on a better diet can balance hormones in her body. Exercise is also an effective way to relax your body and mind. It also ensures that you give birth to healthy and flexible child. Some women use antidepressants to deal with depression but you should always consult your gynecologists before starting any medicine in your pregnancy months.

What can I do to have a healthy pregnancy?

Healthy pregnancy depends upon you and the doctor you consult. It is always better to have expert advice on such matters. Exercise, nutrition, proper sleep, right supplements and lots of happiness all around can definitely result in healthy pregnancy. However, if you go through any kinds of abnormal things consulting an expert doctor can be a wise idea.

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