Ectopic pregnancy, symptoms and how ectopic pregnancy treated

Ectopic pregnancy – A pregnancy in which the fertilised egg implants outside the uterus.

In normal pregnancy, ovary releases an egg into fallopian tube which then get fertilizes after coming in contact with a sperm. The fertilized egg, after a few days moves to the uterus where it gets a lining and then the baby continues to grow. There are some rare cases when the fertilized egg implants in some other area other than the uterus. This gives rise to an abnormal pregnancy which is called ectopic pregnancy.

There is no definite cause except that your fallopian tube might be damaged to get you in this situation. Or there might be other reasons like sexually transmitted disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, fertility medicines, some infertility treatments etc.
Vaginal bleeding is one of the major symptoms to look for. It can be because of rupturing of your fallopian tube. You should ahead to your doctor immediately in case you encounter heavy vaginal bleeding. Ectopic pregnancy can be very risky so it needs to be treated right away. It can be done using either medications or surgery. At Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital our doctors recommend you the suitable method to treat this kind of pregnancy.

In surgeries, pregnancy is removed which is called salpingectomy. You can choose between open surgery or laproscopic surgery. It can be hard for women to lose their pregnancy at an early stage. So there are emotional feelings that women go through when they have ectopic pregnancy treatment. In case of surgeries where they remove your fallopian tubes, getting pregnant again can be difficult. It is not impossible to get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy. You just need to have the right doctor to guide you. Depending upon your case, your doctor can advise you with best treatments suitable for you.

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