Dry cough during pregnancy – what you need to know!

Dry cough during pregnancy – what you need to know!

When you are pregnant, you will have quite a few changes as your immunity system is completely taking a new turn. With all these changes, you may catch a cold or dry cough which is slightly annoying but a part of the process. If you have uncontrollable cough, you shouldn’t try home remedies and rush to your gynecologist to get it checked properly. It is essential to take necessary care and measures as it can affect the baby.

How to prevent it?

If you want don’t want this issue occurring when you are pregnant, there are ways to prevent it. First and foremost is to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with eating good food. Make sure you are sleeping well, eating good food and exercising on a regular basis. Besides this, addition of prenatal vitamins with probiotics is a must for a few months.

Other than this, have juices, drink water and have warm ginger tea if you feel like your throat is closing up. Make sure you are having small portions of vitamin rich meals and don’t worry about napping too much. It is necessary for you to sleep when you are pregnant.

You can head to a pregnancy specialist doctor who can give you over the counter syrups and drops to cure the dry cough.

What else can I do?

When you have dry cough, it causes strain on your chest every time you cough. This gives you a headache and can be quite troubling during pregnancy. Don’t be lazy to treat it as soon as it starts as it just gets worst. Sometimes, you may have dry cough due to acidity too which is another reason why you should get yourself checked. If you feel like vomiting a lot after having an episode of constant coughing, you might have acidity too. You must take medications from a doctor from a maternity hospital otherwise it will become difficult for you to complete your sleep as well as eat properly.

Cough can disturb your sleep cycle causing you nausea, headaches and irritation. It is better to take home measures and medicines to treat it quickly.

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