Early signs of autism in infants

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Early signs of autism in infants

Is your toddler or infant not paying much attention to your gestures? Well, there is a possibility he or she could be autistic. We aren’t scaring you, but if you check a few signs and talk to the best child specialist in your area, you can rule out this problem forever. It is better to be aware of any problems than to suffer later.

What is autism?

It is a spectrum of related disorders with several symptoms. It can affect your child’s development in basic things like talking, playing, studies and interacting with other people.

What are the early signs?

Here are some things to notice: –

  • Does not make any eye contact when you are smiling or someone is trying to grab his or her attention.
  • Will not respond to their name or to familiar sounds at all.
  • If they do not see things when you point out at something or follow objects visually, you should talk to a pediatrician in Chandigarh for support.
  • If your baby is not making any sounds or noises to get your attention, you should try to get them to do so.
  • Doesn’t cuddle or start crying when you touch your toddler. Will not reach out at all to be picked up.
  • Plays with you or other people of the same age group. Doesn’t notice people around him or her.

Pay attention to these signs to get a better idea if your infant has autism.

What to do?

The best thing is to consult a certified doctor at the best baby hospital in Chandigarh. Don’t judge yourself as that will just put you in worry. Also, catch these signs early so you can start working on the problem before time.

Go through this guideline before jumping to major conclusions. Notice signs and symptoms your infant shows!

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