High BP: A cause for concern during pregnancy

High BP: A cause for concern during pregnancy

Pregnancy is never easy and it just gets tougher if you are not careful. Many women generally suffer from blood pressure problems after they deliver children or are close to menopause. But when you have high blood pressure constantly during pregnancy, you should be cautious. Needless to say, that any time in your life when you face blood pressure problems, you must take actions.

Why does high blood pressure create issues during pregnancy?

There are many problems caused when you have hypertension during pregnancy, these include a few of the risks listed below: –

1. Less blood flow to your placenta – If your placenta is not getting enough blood flow, your baby will get less oxygen and less nutrients too. This will lead to problems like slow growth, preterm birth and low birth weight. This can complicate the baby’s life in a major way once he or she is born.

2. Abruption in the placenta – Preeclampsia which is also high blood pressure constantly can increase the risk of a placental abruption. This is when the placenta will separate from your uterus’s inner wall right before the delivery. This can cause heavy bleeding, damages to the placenta and lead to life-threatening situations for you both.

3. Premature deliveries – Often women with high BP during pregnancy experience premature delivery which can happen during the 8th month and create complications for the baby.

4. Future heart problems – Once you have delivered the baby properly or premature birth, you can have risks later too. When you have high blood pressure during your pregnant days, you will have to take care of your diet, not consume alcohol or smoke and have a healthy exercise routine.

Meet a gynecologist in Chandigarh if you are not sure whether you have high blood pressure during your maternity time. Avoid taking any risks!

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