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What seems to be smooth? Sometimes goes out of hands and expectations, It was just routine checking and suddenly it was announced ‘the time’ – These are the words of Mr. Gaurav & Mrs. Nitika Kansal.

First time, no experience become sudden shock. But when you are in safe hands of doctors like Dr. Poonam, Dr. Babita and team then fear becomes your strength. The same happened on 9th April 2017, when after so much of pain and dilemma to know the unknown I was blessed with a baby girl.

It is family who was with me but the moral support was doctors, nurses who were encouraging me with their expertise & experience. I was ready for C-section but they kept me motivated for NVD and hence my own set of mind changes that every hospital is not like that specially Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital where they understand patient and what is good for their health. So I will always say “Stay Blessed Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital”.

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