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I Died To Be Reborn Again

Some moments are etched in your memory forever aren’t they? Time passes but you can vividly recall each and every detail – for me the birth of my daughter is one such memory. I was 38 weeks pregnant and like every other would be mom, waiting with bated breath to catch that first glimpse of my baby. The last few weeks are the most tough, you feel heavy, sleeping, waking up, moving is a challenge and you really want the baby to come out. Of course, as a first time mom you are oblivious of the challenges and sleep deprived nights. In hindsight you often think that was a good phase and should have lasted longer. But at that point like every new mum, I was desperate to get the baby out and hold her in my arms.

It was the 40th week and the Dr. Babita finally decided to induce me at the end of 40th week, she asked me to get admitted on Wednesday. It was Saturday night and everything was normal. I had palak khichdi and went to bed. At around 1 am, I felt completely wet. I went to the bathroom and somehow it felt like something is happening. I went and woke up my mom. As instructed by Dr. Babita, I rushed at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital. My hospital bag was ready, we all swung into action. In a few minutes, we reached at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital. Dr. Charu was on duty and she checked me.
Now every mom will know this, that dilation checking part is horrible, I freaked out.

They found out I was already well dilated (I can’t recall how much). Hubby filled the forms and I was taken to the labor room. The pain was becoming severe now, I had decided in advance that I would go for epidural. As I was well dilated, they took me to the OT , I couldn’t wait for the anesthesiologist – because I was almost dying with pain. He finally came and administered the magic dose. In a few minutes I felt relieved, It was just about waiting now till I was fully dilated. Dr. Charu again checked me, it seemed they baby was snuggling happily inside with no plans of coming out.

It was almost 8 in the morning when they decided it was time – I had dilated 10 cm, they had broken my water bag sometime ago – now it was the pushing part, Nurses and doctor surrounded me and urged me to push, I felt nothing, it was tough to push. A nurse placed her hands on my tummy and pushed will all might. I almost died. I could then feel something passing between my legs and applause from the entire team.

When I could regain my composure I asked them- is it a girl or boy? I was really desperate to have a girl for some odd reason and my joy knew no bounds when they told me “its a girl just as you wanted”.

They brought my tiny tot a few minutes later, she looked at me with bright eyes wide open, they placed her on my chest and asked me to feed her. I have no idea how to feed. I muttered and the most magical thing happened. They placed her on my chest and she started feeding- as if its something she had been doing forever.

I was awestruck. They then took her away to show her to my mom. The first glance and the first feed is etched in my. They say once you become a mom, its like you die as labour almost takes your life (with epidural it wasn’t as much a death though!). You are reborn with a new identity-something that becomes an integral part of your life forever.
Thanks to Team of doctors and Nurses of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital for best care.

Mrs. Shweta

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