Keep your child safe from allergies!

Keep your child safe from allergies!

Children are delicate and due to the pollution in the country, you have to careful about any allergies. Your child could have dust, food and several other types of allergies which could cause troubles in his or her day to day activities. If you are not sure what kind of allergies is your baby suffering from, here are some tips to detect: –

1. Sneezing – When your child starts sneezing constantly around the window area or a part of the house that might have a little dust, they could have dust allergy. If they are wheezing, then you need to dust proof the house as it can cause your baby asthma. Head to a baby hospital in Chandigarh to get them checked during such situations.

2. Allergy tests – Yes, such tests do exist and this can tell you what type of food your baby might not be comfortable with. This could either be a blood test or else the doctor could use certain tools on the skin to see if there is redness caused or inflammation. Consulting the best child specialist before undergoing this test is recommended.

3. Avoid certain foods– Keep the surrounding clean of your baby and his or her clothes too. Other than this, try avoiding them certain food items which are known to cause allergies like peanuts. If you or your partner has certain food allergies, chances are your baby could have it too. Talk to a child specialist in Chandigarh to rule out any kind of foods in your baby’s diet.

Always keep the crib, bed and clothes of your child clean so that they do not have any allergic reactions. Use anti-bacterial and mild less fragrance detergents plus soap as high fragrances can also disturb a child which will cause excessive sneezing. Follow these guidelines to keep your baby away from any allergies!

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