How to lose weight during pregnancy?

We live in a world that’s obsessed with lean bodies. As such, pregnant mothers often try to lose using means that are not recommended by doctors. In this post, we take tips from the experts, doctors of the pediatrics and gynecology department of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital.

Understand the weight gain process –

Doctors at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital recommend patients to understand the weight loss process during pregnancy. Unhealthy dieting can be fatal for the fetus, and it is more than important to talk to a dietician for the right options. For example, obese women shouldn’t gain more than 11 and 20 pounds, and that determines the diet plan.

Get a diet plan in place –

The best gynecologist in Chandigarh from the hospital says that pregnant women usually need 300 calories more on an average, but the diet chart is never a fixed one. In most cases, doctors recommend avoiding all forms of processed foods, which leads to unhealthy weight gain. Taking prenatal vitamins and regular meals can also help in keeping the weight in control.

Understand the exercise forms that work –

Exercise is more than important for pregnant women, because it allows one to sleep well, regulate emotional wellbeing and reduce aches common in pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy also helps in losing weight after childbirth. Walking and light jogging with stretches in limitations are great options. However, avoid focusing on the abdomen. Again, your doctor is the best person to advice on this, as the complications of pregnancy varies. Yoga and meditation can be recommended too.

If you need more information, check the website of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital for an appointment with the pediatrician or gynecologist. Ask the relevant questions and always insist on getting a diet and exercise plan, which is easy to follow. Remember that the wellbeing of your child is the first concern at all times.

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