‘I AM a lucky mother’ – Ms. Priya Ahuja

‘I AM a lucky mother’ – Ms. Priya Ahuja

Lucky Mother

I had the perfect pregnancy. Typical nausea but not over the top. A couple of food items that the baby didn’t like that found their way back up. I loved being pregnant.

I loved watching my belly grow. I even kept photo logs each week with what was new to help me remember how much joy I felt with growing a life. I had wanted this baby for so long.

I wanted to treasure each and every moment. The weeks seemed to speed by but they all stopped on October 11th, 2017. I was 26 weeks pregnant. I had no reason to believe anything was wrong.

It was a typical day, my belly was still growing, I was hungrier than ever, and felt great. And then later that night while walking to my bedroom after my shower, my water broke.

I screamed for my husband saying something was leaking out of me. I didn’t know what was happening. Then he said the words I was afraid to hear… “Your water just broke”.

We rushed our treated hospital at karnal, but Doctor told to my husband its very complicated delivery and referred to us at “Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital-CHANDIGARH”.

The quick 2 hours drive, finally we reached at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital.Dr. Babita and Dr. Charu was on duty , they immediately admitted me  in labour room. As soon as we entered the LR, I saw the nurses faces.

I could tell they were frightened for me. I saw lots of somber faces and everyone did their best to calm me down.

On October 10th, 2017 I felt a really strong back ache at 11:30 AM. I noticed I had another one at 12:00 PM I had never had a baby before so I had no clue what contractions felt like, but I knew I was scared. At 12:15 PM I had another one.

I was in complete pain having contractions every 3 – 5 minutes. They put me on the monitor and couldn’t see much of the contractions I was having but I felt every single one. They started in my back and radiated to my stomach.

They didn’t give me any pain medication because they were hoping the contractions would come and go which is apparently common for women who’s water has been broken for an extended amount of time.

While everyone slept that night, I tried to not panic about having a baby soon while breathing through each and every contraction. I knew my contractions weren’t going to go away, I could feel it.

On Next day After 10:30AMDr. Babita and Dr. Charuchecked  me because I felt something warm between my legs and I was having some minor bleeding.

After laying me back down they discovered my placenta had completely detached and I was losing a lot of blood very fast.

At birth time  my  baby  was only 26 weeks and her weight was 730gm. I woke up roughly an hour later terrified to hear if my baby had made it or not.

Apparently during my delivery after my placenta detached, they had to rush to save both of us. She was born without breathing and they had to try and resuscitate her for a whole minute before reviving her.

Dr. Saranjit had followed her  to the NICU and they got the breathing machine successfully helping her. I couldn’t be more thankful that we had both made it through it.

I instantly froze and cried when I saw my baby after 3 days of birth.The next couple of weeks were a struggle. We had no idea of the road ahead of us so we treated every single day as a blessing.

She defeated the odds and chose to live. She had her ups, her downs, her good days, and her bad. She had a PDA in his heart that didn’t close until they gave her medication.

In the same week she got pneumonia that collapsed her little lungs. She had to be put on the oscillator breathing machine which is always a last resort and took steroids to get her off of it.

The doctors as well as ourselves didn’t know if she was going to make it through that week. It was the most awful, heart wrenching situation I’ve had to be a part of. She was intubated for several weeks from that set back which caused him to develop Chronic Lung Disease.

Later this became an issue for her to get off his breathing machines overall so that we could start Katori feeding. But, we had our good moments and she over came every obstacle she hit.

We celebrated everything, no matter how small the milestone. First diaper change, first hold, first outfit, etc… The hardest part though was leaving our baby in the hospital. Every time we left I prayed for Gods arms to wrap around my child in protection from all the bad that could happen to her.

I couldn’t control anything while I was there, but felt even more helpless when I wasn’t.

We did our best to call after every touch time when we weren’t able to see him and tried to make sure at least one of us visited once a day. Plenty of sleepless nights, emotional break downs, and tons of what-ifs, but we made it.

My baby discharged form Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital after 3 months from Neonatal ICU.

I really thankful to Dr. Babita and Dr. Charu, who tackled my complicated delivery and Special thanks to All NICU Team and Dr. Jaskaran and Dr. Saranjit who save my child’s life.

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