Visit Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital for comprehensive maternal & child healthcare in Chandigarh!

Visit Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital for comprehensive maternal & child healthcare in Chandigarh!

Words are not enough to stress on the importance of maternal & child healthcare. Most couples have concerns related to complicated pregnancies, infertility and inadequate childcare. If you are looking for pregnancy counseling or infertility treatment center in Chandigarh, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital is the ideal choice. As the most-trusted and preferred super-specialty hospital in the city, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital offers a bunch of treatments and diagnostic services that are important for expecting mothers, new-born babies, nursing moms and their respective families.

Covering everything in child healthcare:

Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital provides ventilator in Chandigarh, besides treatment options, such as pediatrics, pediatric cardiology, pediatric surgery and pediatric neurology. The hospital also has a ‘Well baby and healthy Child Clinic’, with additional counseling and treatments related to postnatal care and adolescent hygiene. In childcare, they also have NICU care, 24 hours’ emergency services, and transport facilities up to 250 kilometers, well-equipped patient rooms and services, and OPD facilities for all seven days of the week with flexible schedules.

Consult the best gynecologist in town!

If you an expecting mother or trying to get pregnant, consult the best gynaecologist in Chandigarh at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital. You can expect to learn more on preconception, high-risk pregnancies and common concerns related to infertility and age. To provide comprehensive care and celebrate the journey towards parenthood, the hospital offers antenatal checkups and counseling with regular consultations from the best doctors. Women over the age of 35 can get tested for hypertension, diabetes, and menstrual concerns, while the doctors of the hospital also specialize in lifestyle modification support.

Talk to one of the best doctors of Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital to know more pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal care. Additionally, young couples can also choose to go ahead with premarital counseling, which can help in avoiding some of common diseases, concerns, and related aspects. Book your appointment now!

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