Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital pledges to offer best maternal healthcare services in Chandigarh!

Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital pledges to offer best maternal healthcare services in Chandigarh!

In a country like India, maternal & child healthcare is a relevant and important topic. Listed among the best pediatric hospitals in the country, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital promises to make things better for mothers and babies alike. The hospital offers OPD facilities around the clock for all seven days of the week, with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit services for infants requiring comprehensive treatment and attention.

What to expect at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital?

Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital is among the few options to offer NICU services. They also have 24 hours’ emergency services with aptly-equipped patient rooms. The hospital also promotes the need for premarital counseling, which is fairly new in India, besides offer treatments and counseling for preconception, prenatal and postnatal care. With the best gynecologist in Chandigarh, you can be assured of getting advanced treatments for infertility and high-risk pregnancies. Additionally, the hospital also offers all-inclusive treatments and care for women, including focus on antenatal care, adolescent hygiene and more.

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Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital has been working consistently to improve the quality of maternal and child healthcare facilities, and to make the treatments and services more accessible to families, they also offer transport option up to 250 kilometers. If you are in the city, you can also avail their on call doctor service in Chandigarh. No matter whether you are trying to get pregnant, want to get treated for infertility, or just need counseling before taking the next step into parenthood, Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital is around to help.

Additionally, they have all the modern facilities, in-hospital treatments and diagnostic services that are a part of maternal care. The panel of doctors working at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital have years of experience in their respective departments and are open to discussing concerns with patients beyond regular treatments. Counseling and precaution can help in preventing many pregnancy and infant-care related concerns – book an appointment now.

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