Everything you need to know about Postpartum Anemia

Everything you need to know about Postpartum Anemia

Are you tired of taking care of yourself? Well, during motherhood, you can feel a little low and irritated, but if you are having constant symptoms, you might want to consider meeting a gynecologist for support. Most pregnant women at a point get tired of watching their diet, exercising, caring for their health and continuous advices but the right thing to do is talking to a doctor and let it all out. When you get regular check-ups, and solve your issues beforehand, it is not that tough to take care during maternity days. If you are careless during pregnancy, you may suffer from iron deficiency post-delivery. This is when you have fatigue, weakness and a few other signs. Postpartum anemia is a rising problem in several women, and you need to be careful as this is a long-term health problem when not cured.

1. Why does it happen?

Acute bleeding while delivery can be one of the reasons why you are suffering from postpartum anemia. Besides this, multiple births can also ultimately lead to the mother getting anemia post deliveries. When you eat unhealthy food before and during your pregnancy which doesn’t contain any sources of iron, you can have deficiency. Meet a pregnancy specialist doctor for help on what you can eat to avoid such a problem.

2. What are the symptoms?

Signs like tiredness that doesn’t allow you to work or move much, fatigue that is not ready to go and can last up to 6 weeks post childbirth, you are constantly irritated and you may not feel like doing any chores at all.

3. What are the risks?

If anemia is left untreated, you will have high chances of postnatal depression along with UTI frequently. Besides this, you will get exhausted quickly and produce less milk due to insufficient milk syndrome while lactating. It also takes a toll on your breast milk as you do not lactate much plus the quality of the milk is poor. Your child will not get good enough nutrients. Head to a maternity hospital and get all your check-ups done to say on the safer side post-delivery!

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