Premature Baby Ready To Go Home

Premature Baby Ready To Go Home

Manjinder Kaur feared she would never be able to hold her premature son, who was born prematurely at 28 weeks in Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital Chandigarh. Doctors said he is one of the youngest babies to have been treated at the hospital, which specializes in neonatal care. “He weighed just 880 gram and was brought to the hospital with a respiratory distress syndrome. He was put on ventilator support,” said Dr. Jaskaran Singh, Consultant Paediatrics & Neonatology, at the hospital.

Most doctors had told the family that the baby may not survive as she had a fungal infection at birth, transmitted from her mother. “The child developed various complications during the course of treatment. He developed jaundice and even had a minor bleeding in the brain,” said Dr. Jaskaran, adding that such children may have retinopathy of prematurity, which can affect the eyesight. “We did a laser surgery to save his eyes and he will be able to see normally.”

For the couple, the past few months were challenging as they had to see their son only through glass panes. “I would come to the hospital every day to see him. He now weighs 1600 grams and we will take him to the Gurudwara Sahib when he is discharged,” said Manjinder Kaur, who has had one miscarriage before. “We have not named him yet because we want to take his to the Gurudwara Sahib first, where we had prayed for him.”

Doctors said preterm birth remains a serious, common, and costly health problem. “Although survival has increased for infants born preterm, the delivery rate has not declined,” said Dr. Jaskaran Singh.
According to Dr. Saranjit neonatologist at the hospital, strengthening of NICU facilities across the city can help save many such babies.

My baby discharged on Dhanteras (17.10.2017). I am so happy and Thanks to Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital for special Diwali gift said, Mrs. Manjinder Kaur.

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