Am I in premature labour?

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Am I in premature labour?

Pregnancy is a challenging time in your life and you have to be on the go when you see signs or symptoms. Many a times, women start to worry when they are in the 34th to 36th week as premature labour can be an issue with a lot of women. Pregnancy comes with a handful of complications but good care can keep all this at bay.

Once you have reached the 30 weeks’ mark in your pregnancy, you may experience occasional contractions. These are known as the Braxton Hicks and they are usually not too painful. They happen to most women and it is normal. They can occur due to reasons like, you are tired or have done a ton of physical activity. Once you rest well, you will be fine and they will stop.

When to know if I am in premature labour?

Complications during pregnancy is normal and when you get uterine contractions about every ten minutes or lesser than that time along with your cervical changes like thinning, dilation and softening before 37 weeks, you are in preterm labour.

What are the other symptoms?

Head to a maternity hospital in Chandigarh, if you are getting these signs from your body: –

1. More than four contractions in an hour. If they are painful or not, you need to get them checked. 2. If you start cramping like you have periods along with pressure on the vagina like something is going to come out is a sign. 3. Lower back ache that just will not go, increased bowel movements, increased discharge and loss of mucus plug is when you need to rush to a hospital. 4. If you experience fewer kicks from the baby and not many movements, get help.

Keep these signs in mind when you are 30 weeks pregnant. They can happen to you due to several reasons and you must be prepared to rush to the hospital.

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