Why Your Skin Is So Attractive To Mosquitoes

Why Your Skin Is So Attractive To Mosquitoes

Are mosquitoes always attacking you more than others? Here are some reasons why mosquitoes may target you more.

1.Mosquitoes Sense

Ever wondered why mosquitoes target you more than they target others? Sometimes, mosquitoes can find you where you are least expecting them. Despite being in crowded locations, they may target you first. Here is a quick explanation as to why mosquitoes are attracted to you.

2.Carbon Dioxide

Mosquitoes have highly effective senses that detect carbon dioxide. Every time you exhale you send mosquitoes a strong signal of your whereabouts. When you breathe, the mosquitoes get even better sense of your location and there is nothing you can do about it.

3.Body Odor

Mosquitoes not only detect carbon dioxide, they can also detect human body odors from quite a distance. You must have noticed more mosquitoes bothering you every time you are sweaty. However, you can get rid of mosquitoes by getting rid of the body odor.

4.Mile-Long Senses

Now that we know mosquitoes can detect the carbon dioxide you exhale and your body odor, how strong can that sense be? Mosquitoes can sense body odors from as far as several miles. Some researchers also restate this fact.


Mosquitoes also sense certain acids, such as uric acid. People who release more of such acids can stimulate mosquitoes’ sense of smell.

6.Dress Accordingly

Wear full sleeved clothes rather than half sleeved. Also make sure you are totally covered. Uncovered skin offers easy target to mosquitoes. Moreover, you will be able to reduce the risk of diseases caused by mosquito’s bites.


Mosquitoes are more effective in warm places. If you are sitting in a cold place you may notice lesser number of mosquitoes bothering as compared to places that are warm.

8.Use Remedies

No matter what you do sometimes you can’t escape mosquitoes. In all such cases you should use effective mosquito repellent or anti mosquito lotions on your skin. If possible, use mosquito nets or anti mosquito liquids.

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