What Life Before Birth Is – These Mind Blowing Pictures Will Tell You!

What Life Before Birth Is – These Mind Blowing Pictures Will Tell You!

Know all about what goes on inside you Mommies!
All of us start our lives in the womb, but you will not believe your eyes when you see your little toddler being formed in the womb!

4 Days After Fertilization

WHAT?! This Zygote doesn’t look like a human!
But actually, it is. It is human and it is alive! This Zygote already has a gender and a DNA, which will help the baby develop its body for the next 9 months!

5 – 6 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Despite being only one-fourth of its size at birth, the nose, mouth and ears of the baby have already started forming! The baby’s heart is also beating at a 100 times/minute, which is almost twice of yours! they blood flow would have started and the brainwaves would have started 2 to 3 weeks ago.

10 Weeks Of Pregnancy

All the parts have started working – kidney, intestine, brain and liver. the lower legs and hands have also started moving.

At 12 Weeks

The child has started putting on mass, and this is the time when the baby starts spreading and kicking his body parts. you can even make your baby answer to you by shaking himself/herself when you keep your hands on your tummy!

At 16 Weeks

By the 16th week, the baby’s body begins to show growth in every aspect. Its hair will begin to grow and nails on its feet also start to grow. The baby’s heart will start pumping 23 litres of blood each day.

At 18 – 20 Weeks

The baby starts sucking its thumb. The baby’s fingers also begin to get its fingerprints.

6 Months Old

The child can now listen to external sounds. The baby’s pulse is also increasing. The baby is so well-developed that if it takes a hiccup, then the mom can feel it in her tummy!

At 7 – 8 Months Old

The baby can now hear and recognize the mother’s voice. Its skin has become pink and it’s already started looking cute! The extra fat is important to the child because once it is born, it’s the same fat that keeps the body temperature of the body stable.
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