What is sleep apnea in kids and how can you tackle it?

What is sleep apnea in kids and how can you tackle it?

Sleep apnea is basically the irregular breathing episode your child has. This occurs a lot during sleep and it is not considered to be a major dangerous problem but it is always good to seek help from the best child specialist otherwise it can continue every night which is not good for health.

While sleep apnea is mostly observed in adults, toddlers and children too are prone to this abnormal sleep habit. It is quite common during the age of 3 and 5 when the tonsils are large compared to your child’s airways.

What causes it?

There are a few different types of apnea and here is what usually causes it: –

1. Obstructive – This is the common condition in many toddlers and it is due to the obstruction in their airways. It happens due to any kind of blockage in the respiratory passage which needs to be checked at a baby hospital in Chandigarh to see if your child is getting enough oxygen. Make your toddler sleep on the side as that can benefit them and cause this problem less.

2. Central –When the part of the brain which is connected to your breathing does not work properly, there are problems during sleeping. This is found largely in adults but it can be in a few toddlers as well. You must rush to a doctor as this can cause a heart stroke or other cardiovascular risks.

3. Mixed – In this case, both obstructive and central may occur on days when they are sleeping. This is a major concern as your baby is breathing less and getting less oxygen in their body. A pediatrician in Chandigarh can help you with various sleeping positions.

What to do?

Like we mentioned above, the right step is to take them to the doctor and ask for help on how you can make the baby sleep. Other than this, you can also try making them sleep on the sides and cover them well as the cold could affect their airway passage too.

Do not panic or try home remedies, get medications for better treatment.

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