Eating Sugar during Pregnancy- Is it safe?

Being the most special and delicate phase in a woman’s life, pregnancy brings in a bunch of responsibilities as well.While growing beautifully into the motherly mould, she goes through a roller coaster of moods from the stubborn drained out feeling to the midnight chocolate craving; it is quite a lot to handle. Though the myth about pregnancy mentions the pickle and spice craving, yet, the stats say pregnant women do develop a soft corner for the sugary tit bits. Well, ice creams and chocolates may seem to be the best possible option for your midnight food gasms but the impact it has on your health and your baby may not be as sweet every time. Here’s a detailed insight of the impact of sugar intake during pregnancy.

How the extra sugars impact your health?

Pregnancy is accompanied by morning sickness, mood swings and a couple of other tantrums, which are difficult to grasp in the first trimester altogether. A continued intake of sugars through a variety of food items, especially those with a higher concentration of sugar, is more likely to make these issues persistent, so do consult with your gynecologist for a diet having your favourites in the list without disturbing the sugar balance.

Tips from the best pregnancy specialist doctor hint to cut down the extra fats and sugars from your diet in order cope up with the extremes of weariness at times.The added sugars in various delectable drinks like milkshakes, juices and some food items do cause the levels of blood sugar to shoot up, thereby making you feel lethargic.

As there is an existing risk of pregnant women for developing gestational diabetes due to the hormone secretion instigated by the placenta, so you have to curb the sugar percentages in your diet to prevent further complications. At most of the maternity hospitals, doctors generally prescribe a blood sugar test around the 24th and 28th weeks of your pregnancy, or sooner if you have prior issues of fluctuating blood sugar levels.

Impact on your baby

At times, gestational diabetes impacts the fetus as well. Your baby is likely to have an increased body weight at the time of birth in case the excess glucose flowing in your bloodstream has crossed the placenta. So, do consult the best gynecologist in Chandigarh to prevent your new born from jaundice and the other complications at the time of delivery.

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