Tips to prepare for Breastfeeding to make those days Delightful!

Breastfeeding tips

Mother’s milk is elixir for a newborn that nourishes it’s body and brain, boosts immunity not to forget it’s his first bonding after opening his eyes to a new world. The process of breastfeeding is indeed a strenuous task both physically and psychologically; but it also consists of the most comforting and intimate moments that a mother spends with her bundle of joy, as she holds it nourishing with love and energy.

The process of breastfeeding for a new mother comes with some challenges and indeed requires help and guidance. For some who feel that the aid of their experienced female kin is enough, you must know that there are certain specifics where only a doctor or lactation nurse can guide you, hence do not compromise on the consultation.

Taking care of the breasts:

Breast examination by a doctor is must for cracked nipples and other related defects. Regular oiling of breast is required to soften nipples and surrounding area for good latch. Supportive nursing bras with 100% purified lanolinnursing pads should be included in your kit during the last weeks of pregnancy, not only do they help in breastfeeding they are also good for sore nipples.

Diet and exercises:

Keeping the body properly hydrated is most important for a feeding mother; hence you must drink at-least 2-3 liters of fluids daily. Nutritious diet rich in protein, iron, and calcium is helpful in building the body reserves, required during breast feeding. Regular back strengthen exercises during pregnancy helps in maintaining the posture during breastfeeding; so you need to prepare in advance for these days. If you do not want backaches to spoil your cherished moments with your child, you must maintain your fitness level.

Diet in pregnancy

Learning the right way to latch the baby is also important, you must think of keeping a support system because in the initial days breastfeeding is an unceasing job and indeed tiring.

Expert advice and services:

We at Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital encourage mothers to breastfeed right after the baby’s delivery irrespective of the procedure being caesarean or normal. Our doctors examine your breasts at every visit, in case there are any issues like retracted nipples which can be corrected at that stage. Comprehensive guidance on various aspects of how to breast feed successfully is given during counseling sessions. We have in-house lactation nurses available round-the-clock to assist new mothers in proper latching, posture and feeding.


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