How to Console a Crying Infant

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To a mother who has known her baby’s rhythms since it was a fetus, nothing is a mystery. She will know what’s in the child’s heart and mind just with a glance. But a newborn baby still needs more attention, for it is still unaware of what is happening around him, even unacquainted to happiness, sorrow, pain and any other desire. It is only uneasiness that affects him, be it because of hunger, soiled diapers, unfavorable temperature, illness or absence of his mother. And the only way he can communicate this restlessness is through crying. And comforting a wailing baby is no cake walk, because the bigger challenge is finding out the reason of his discomfort.

Usually newborns cry if they want to be fed, which is quite a task for a considerable period of time, and new mothers need to be very composed and patient during the whole period. Feeding and/or changing calms down a crying baby in most cases but sometimes even this doesn’t work.

In most cases babies can be quieted easily and mothers eventually learn some tricks. However, if a baby cries abnormally i.e. even after being fed or won’t allow being fed and constantly cry to the extent of inconsolable weeping, then you must consult a doctor, there can be signs of illness going unnoticed.

Ways to cope with crying

There are days when the baby will be a peaceful little angel, even letting his mother sleep in peace at night. And on other days, he decides to bring down the house and nothing that you do will soothe him, leaving you at your wits end. Although there are no magical cures for such situations, some of the following techniques may help.

Start with the basics

Feed her and/or change the diaper because often the sweatiness makes them cranky – try to make it cool and breezy or warm and cozy according to the weather.

Decrease your baby’s stimulation

Try to create an amicable ambience, harsh lights or sudden sounds tend to scare the baby, jolting their composure. So, it is advised to avoid loud noises, limit the number of visitors and keep the lights dimmed.

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Hold your baby so he feels secure

The biggest responsibility of a mother and the easiest one is to make the baby feel secure. Keep your baby close to you; let him/her feel your body’s warmth. Swaddling the newborn in a soft, warm blanket also helps. Slow gentle motion puts the baby to sleep easily and they are easily tranquilized that way.

Movements are calming for both the baby and mother, take the baby out for a ride in a stroller or car; cuddle with him/her in a rocking chair or try the infant swing.

Play soft music and songs

Lullabies or cradle songs, used as a sleep aid for infants are very soothing with simple and repetitive music; hum a nice song and feel your bond get stronger.

Some babies can be soothed by listening to low-toned, rhythmic, monotonous sounds, running a vacuum, humidifier, or tape of a heartbeat may help.

Try nursing longer on one breast 

This helps the baby get richer milk; hence he will feel satiated and sleep peacefully.

Colic or bellyaches are also causes of uneasiness and irritability in babies. It can be because of gastroenteritis or some unknown factor. An experienced kin can certainly offer some useful advice in such cases. Gripes are common scenarios amongst babies; however it has nothing to do with the parenting or feeding style. It is as common amongst breastfed babies as amongst bottle-fed ones. Consulting a doctor is advisable in case of colic or related symptoms.


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