Vitamin K Injections For Newborns : Why It’s Essential for Newborns

Vitamin K is necessary nutrient in every human body for blood clotting.  The main source of Vitamin K is from bacteria in intestines. Deficiency of Vitamin K can lead to severe bleeding over small cuts or injuries. It can also lead to internal organs’ bleeding such as brain which can pose a major life threat. As compared to adults and older children, newborns have negligible amount of Vitamin K. In a mother’s womb baby is not able to get Vitamin K because of the placenta covering. After the birth, they consume many weeks to attain sufficient amount of Vitamin K. Thus, it is important to give Vitamin K injections to newborn babies. In case you don’t then there are high chances that your baby suffers severe brain damage.

A safe and reliable way to give vitamin K to newborns is through injection. At Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital we have been giving these Vitamin K injections shots to babies since many years. That being said, parents also have a choice of Vitamin K drops. However, experienced doctors still recommend injections over drops. Injections only lead to soreness for one day or so whereas drops have failed many times as per studies reveal. In order to prevent your baby from any chances of haemorrhagic disease you must choose Vitamin K injection. Many studies have shown that oral dose of Vitamin K is not much effective as compared to injection.

Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital has best doctors and child specialists to guide you. We ensure that you provide a healthy future for your child in every possible manner. Our gynecologists assist you throughout your pregnancy so that you deliver a healthy and immune baby. Mother and child care facilities at our hospital can be availed at affordable charges. Book your appointment now and let us serve you for healthy and better living.

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