My water broke when I was in my office!

On Friday, the 14th April, I was in my office. By closing hours, that is around 6.15pm or so, I felt the kind of wetness we feel during our period. It increased on my way and I felt a gush of water. My water had broken and I was not prepared for anything of this kind. I called up my husband but his cell was switched off. I got worried, but luckily my driver was contactable, so he could find my husband. I left a message for my hubby to reach the hospital directly as I didn’t have time to wait. I called up my mother and mother in law to meet me at the hospital. Then with a few of my team members I took a cab to Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital. Everyone was scared and I tried to keep myself cool. 

Dr. Babita and Dr. Geetika checked me and they said you will deliver by tonight or tomorrow morning. I was admitted and a few medicines were given and then the real show began! 

The pain started after 11 o’ clock (though I was already experiencing mild contractions from 13 or so). The pain started from my back. The pain was absolutely unbearable and my mother in law was continuously massaging my back. That really helped me bear the pain for a long time. 

My mother in law continuously observed the Motherhood Chaitanya’s doctors and team who was in Labor room . My pain was unbearable at 2:00AM, then Dr. Babita told to my Mother in law “ Happiness is on the way”  don’t take tension just trust on us. The words of Dr. Babita gave me very positive tune for bear the pain. My Mother and mother in law were scared, but happy from team Motherhood Chaitanya.

I was near to delivery by 3am. There I was to push only when the pain erupted. I had pushed only twice and my baby  boy was born!

Huge thanks to the entire Motherhood Chaitanya team for making my dream of a natural birth come true. I wish Motherhood Chaitanya Hospital grows leaps and bounds and touches many more to –be moms with a wonderful birthing experience—————Mrs. Mansi.

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