Baby Bathing & Body Care

Baby Bathing & Body Care

There is absolutely no doubt that babies are the most adorable creatures on this planet. A baby’s smile can simply make your day like no one else. Everything about babies is fragile; from their skin to their emotions. Hence, we always pay extra attention while handling them. From the moment your doctor asks you to hold your baby, you become responsible for its care.

Baby Bathing Routine

Bathing is so much fun with babies. That being said, it is also a task of extra care. First of all you have to get a mini tub for your baby’s bathing routine. Use mild baby care products that do not cause any skin irritation. Ensure that the soap does not go into your baby’s eyes or ears. In case, a small amount penetrates, then also it should not cause any kind of irritation. It is completely in your hands to make your baby bathing an enjoyable routine or a crying session. One must pay special attention to extra sensitive organs of the baby. A few toys can always work to distract your baby in case he/she does not like to be in water for long.

Body Care

As mentioned earlier, a baby’s body is too fragile and must always be handled with special care. Maintaining right posture with passing days should be monitored. There are certain holding positions that parents and elders should use so that there is proper growth and development of bones. You must massage your baby’s muscles regularly to keep your baby active. This helps in regulating blood in its body and your baby tends to remain happier. Other than growth of bones, hygiene should be given equal importance. Keeping the surrounding clean, changing diapers regularly, using sterilized clothes and cutting nails are some of the hygienic ways to keep your baby healthy.

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