How much weight should you gain when pregnant and what exercise is safe?

How much weight should you gain when pregnant and what exercise is safe?

Every woman wants to know the right numbers of how many pounds they should get Weight gain while pregnant. Well, according to doctors, you must gain about 25 to 30 pounds, which is 11 to 13 kg only. And if you are overweight, you should gain 15 to 20 pounds only! For all those women who are anorexic or below their average weight must gain at least 28 to 40 pounds. Most women gain around 11 kilos as the bump starts growing. Talk to a gynaecologist if you are gaining more than these ranges and learn how to control it.

While you can follow a good diet to stay in control of your weight, you can also do a few exercise routines which will balance the weight.

1. Walk – Walking is an exercise and it is completely safe during pregnancy. You can walk around the gardens and parks slowly for at least 20 minutes every day. This will keep your body active and promote blood circulation too. If you are having heavy palpitations, take a break and continue after a while. Other than this, indulge in household chores which are light.

2. Exercise ball – If you have worked out before or been for aerobics, you know about the workout ball. You can sit on it, keeping the back straight and holding weights in your hands to tone the arms. Other than this, you can sit on the ball, hold the grip backwards with your arms and lean behind. This will give you relief from back pain and keep you active too. You can ask a pregnancy specialist doctor for more exercise details to be on the safer side.

3. Yoga and meditation – Pregnancy yoga is a popular exercise regime and it is said to benefit women a lot. You can calm your mind, keep your weight in control and have a relaxed day too. Find one of the best gynecologist in Chandigarh and take a few pre-natal yoga suggestions to start! It will help your childbirth process too.

Keep your weight in control the right way when you are pregnant!

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